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The Right Frames for Your Face Shape

The Right Frames for Your Face Shape

A go-to guide for sunglass shopping. Cut down on trying on glasses and get the right pair of eyewear for your face every time.

A go-to guide for sunglass shopping. Cut down on trying on glasses and get the right pair of eyewear for your face every time. 


THE RIGHT FRAMES FOR YOUR FACE SHAPE DIAMOND How can you tell? A diamond shaped face is widest at the temples and very angular. Much like a diamond, this face shape is not as common as others. Oversized and rounded shape sunglasses look the best on diamond face shapes, as they balance and compliment your features. SQUARE In square faces, your cheekbones, forehead, and jaw- line are almost the same width, with the jawline being the most prominent feature of your face Oval, round, and curved frames provide the perfect contrast to square faces. But try to stay away from boxy sunglasses that will exaggerate the "squareness" of your face. RECTANGLE Long faces start to narrow towards the chin. The length between the forehead and chin is the notice- able feature on long face shapes. Some people with long faces, also may have prominent chins as well. Large, circular or oval frames give the best fit and look to rectangular faces. OVAL Oval faces tend to have a wider forehead and prominent cheekbones. Also, oval face shapes tend to taper towards the chin. Lucky for you, this is an ideal face shape! When it comes to sunglasses, you don't have to play it safe. Try different styles and trends, almost all frame styles will work with your face shape. HEART With heart-shaped faces, your chin tends to be pointer and your forehead is the most stand-out feature on your face. Rimless frames are great for heart-shaped faces, highlighting your cheekbones and draw away from your prominent forehead. ROUND Face width and length are almost the same in round shaped faces. Round faces are also widest at the cheeks. Counteract the fullness of your round face with rectangle-or square-shaped sunglasses to add angles to your face shape.

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