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Invicta Watches and Sunglasses

From Invicta's founding more than a century ago in 1837 to the present day, innovative excellence has been at the core of each era and every collection throughout the brand’s history. 

Now known as the "master of case complication", Invicta has taken the meticulous art of case construction to new heights. Building each timepiece for the fierce of heart, the watches are an exemplary example of versatility, setting a precedent for braving the most adventurous or eloquent of activities.

Always cultivating and embracing original concepts, Invicta aims to achieve creative and technical revelations from a range of vantage points. The Invicta collections embody an accomplished scope of precise engineering and detailed design.

The Invicta watch sets a sophisticated example for braving the most adventurous and eloquent of activities. Each model arrives with a vision and purpose set to handle any level of intensity while delivering unparalleled time. This visionary innovation resides at the core of the brand, setting a standard for quality and remarkable performance.

The capability demonstrated in the performance and look of each Invicta watch continues to surpass industry precedents. Successfully matching the level of design with engineering, creates a true experience for the wearer. In establishing criteria for exceptional standards, each step of the production process embodies an articulation geared for enduring ingenuity, heightening the possibilities.

The bold journey the Invicta Watch Group continues to travel, has expanded to include an array of inspired licensing collaborations. These partnerships have added an accomplished dimension to the brand’s identity, innovation and fan following. Whether Super Hero, Super Villain, Beloved Character, or Pro Sport Team, the Invicta collaborations serve to keep time soaring with outstanding results.

For anyone looking for an affordable, quality timepiece that will provide a few years of consistent wear and will always look good, Invicta is worth your consideration. 

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