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How to clean engagement ring

How to clean engagement ring

Whether your engagement ring is made with a 100-carat diamond or was bought at an affordable jewellery store, an engagement ring is something you're sure to cherish forever. 

Whether your engagement ring is made with a 100-carat diamond or was bought at an affordable jewellery store, an engagement ring is something you're sure to cherish forever. But it's bound to get a little dirty thanks to the chores of everyday life. chatted to the experts at Hatton-Jewellers to find out how to store, protect and clean an engagement ring.

Diamond rings are meant to last a lifetime, if you neglect your ring it will start to appear dull and worn over time.

Cosmetics, perfumes, skin oils and other factors can wear down the ring and scratches will start to appear on the metal band.

There are many things you can do to keep your ring looking newer for longer and avoid having to get repairs and Hatton Jewellers have revealed three of these things.


How and where you store your engagement ring between cleaning could make all the difference.

The ring should be stored in a “Clean, dust-free location. For example, the box the ring came in or a jewellery box with a soft lining.”

Light and temperature play a role in the appearance of your ring, so make sure you store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

Something most people don’t realise is that all jewellery should be stored separately.

The expert explained: “Avoid mixing your new ring with old jewellery. Leaving your brand-new diamond alongside a tarnished gold chain is most definitely a bad idea as any tarnishing may transfer and your diamond could scratch other metals.”

Take it off

You might feel like wearing the ring 24/7, but there are some occasions when you should take the ring off and store it away.

The experts at Hattons Jewellery recommend taking your ring off while getting dressed and putting it back on again when you’re finished getting ready.

They explained: “Always put your jewellery on last when getting dressed. That includes putting on aftershave, perfume, hair products or make-up beforehand, as they can all damage it.”

You should never wear your ring while washing your hands or having a bath or shower.

They said: “You don’t want to submerge it in water or expose it to products like shower gel and shampoo.”

Swimming, exercising, gardening and other outdoor activities are ring-free zones too.

The experts said: “Swimming in saltwater can be corrosive to your jewellery item and chlorinated water can have a negative impact making the metal erode.

“Exercising causes body moisture which can dull the shine of your ring and it may get scratched during a workout.

“Gardening or outdoor activities which involve using your hands are off-limits because small rocks can be abrasive and permanently damage the appearance if marked.

“Sometimes if this is damage to gemstones or diamond it can be costly to repair and can even be irreversible.”

Clean it

Robert Cuomo, Managing Director at Hatton Jewellers recommends getting your engagement ring cleaned at least every six months either professionally or at home to keep it looking new.

If getting a professional clean is too much hassle, you can do the job to an effective standard at home.

Mr Cuomo said: “Whilst taking your ring to a professional cleaner is recommended for the best results (especially with antique rings), it is possible to maintain your ring’s shine with home remedies too.”

Whether your ring is gold or silver, you should never use abrasive materials when cleaning your ring because this could scratch or damage it.

You should also use gentle pressure rather than forcefully cleaning as this could lead to further damage.

How to clean a diamond engagement ring

Get a small bowl of warm water and mix with any mild liquid detergent.

Brush your jewellery gently with a small soft brush and be careful not to scratch the metal and diamond.

Rinse the ring thoroughly under water and pat it dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

Use a quick dip liquid jewellery cleaner to keep your diamond jewellery shiny.

How to clean gold or silver metal

Light tarnish on gold or silver rings is easily removed by using warm soapy water and brushing gently with a soft old toothbrush.

Rinse the metal in cool water and dry it carefully with a soft lint-free cloth.

Silver jewellery can also be kept shiny using a silver cloth.

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