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ross-simons necklaces

Styles of Necklaces at Ross-Simons

 With so many styles and types of necklaces from Ross-Simons to choose from, we are sure you can find the perfect necklace for you or a loved one. 
limitless necklaces at ross-simona

A Limitless Collection

At Ross-Simons, There really is something for everyone! We offer a large number of different styles of necklaces, from unique to classic and everything in between! We offer gemstones, pearls, diamonds, or all metal necklaces. These styles are available with strands of pearls, as a beaded necklace, with pendants, in a station style, as a tennis necklace, or any number of other beautiful designs. With so many styles and types to choose from, we are sure you can find the perfect necklace for you or a loved one. 

Precious Metals

Gleaming 14kt to 24kt gold offers a bright, eye catching shine that is classic, versatile, and meant to last. As gold is especially rare and brightly colored, it has been highly sought after for thousands of years. We also offer sterling silver and 18kt gold over silver for a stunning high polish shine.

Fashion necklaces from ross-simons

Fashion Necklaces

Stylish fashion necklaces drape the neckline with single or multiple strands of precious metals, gemstones, pearls or diamonds in unique, statement designs that reflect the trends of the day. One of the biggest current trends is layering, usually combining two, three or more necklaces in varying lengths and styles of delicate chains and pendants.


Strand necklaces from Ross Simons

Strand Necklaces

Most often, a strand is a necklace comprised of pearls, gemstone beads or glass beads, all of the same size and shape. A popular style that comes in a variety of lengths, but is often worn long.

Station necklace from Ross simon

Station Necklaces

This type of necklace features a design that is broken up into sections by single or grouped stones or beads, positioned at spaced intervals.

Link Necklace from ross simons Link Necklaces

Link necklaces are chain jewelry with individual links that are a substantial part of the design. They usually feature a single style of link, or a mix of links in a repeating pattern.


Torsade Necklaces from ross simonsTorsade Necklaces

A bold statement look, the torsade is a multi-strand necklace comprised of various connected strands, usually with beads, that are twisted together.


Pendant necklace from ross simonsPendant Necklaces

A pendant necklace features a removable hanging adornment attached to a metal chain. Pendants are often gemstones, diamonds, crosses, hearts or pearls.


Tennis Necklace from ross simons

Tennis Necklaces

In this simple design, usually featuring diamonds or gemstones, the same stone follows consistently all the way around, unvarying in shape and size.


Beaded Necklaces from ross simonsBeaded Necklaces

A beaded necklace features round or multi-shaped beads of colored glass, gemstone, metal or other materials. Beads can be all one size, a variety of sizes, or a graduation of sizes that become larger toward the center of the design. These necklaces are often worn long.


length guide for Ross-Simons Necklaces

Guide to Necklace Lengths and Layering

Layer Your Look

How to Layer

First, pick the metal of your choice. Next, start with a shorter chain, 16 " or 18". Then, add in other lengths, metals, and styles - the options are endless to suit your desires.

Carat Weights

Take your pick from a subtle touch of sparkle or a grand dose of brilliance - we have it all, in every style

Choose Your Size

Available Lengths
  • 16 "
  • 18 "
  • 20 "
  • 22 "
  • 30 "
  • 36 "
Find the Length for You

Adjustable, short, or long - our selection of necklaces is perfect for wearing solo or pairing with other favorites for layering!

Necklace Clasps at Ross-Simons Jewelry

Carefree Wear/Clasps

We have multiple styles of clasps to help secure your necklaces and keep them safe. 

a. Springring Clasp: A springring clasp is a small and highly effective hollow circular metal fastener with a spring opening that keeps the clasp closed.

b. Lobster Clasp: Named after the pinching style of the hook, a lobster clasp is often shaped like a lobster's claw. Simply work the lever to open the clasp and release it to close.

c. Magnetic Clasp: A magnetic clasp relies on a magnet to hold the necklace together, allowing for easy-on, easy-off closure.

d. Toggle Clasp: A toggle clasp is a two-piece fastener that closes when a t-shaped or decorative bar is threaded through a circular loop. This stylized clasp type often serves as the centerpiece of a design.

e. Box Clasp: A box clasp features a tab inserted into a decorative box. Usually including a safety to secure the closure, this type of clasp is traditionally used for tennis styles and hinged bracelets.

Ross Simons Fabulous Jewelry

You will love your look and you are worth it! Celebrate and enhance your life with all things beautiful. As an Amazon Associate 4aShopOnline earns from qualifying purchases. #4ashoponline #fashion #jewelry #style #watches #love #charms#ontrend #onlineshopping #shopping #amazonaffiliate


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