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How to pick the right gemstone for your zodiac sign for a perfect 2021 - 4aShopOnline

How to pick the right gemstone for your zodiac sign for a perfect 2021

One way to have a brighter future is by wearing gemstones that are suitable for one’s zodiac sign

We always pray for better days and happier beginnings; and after a very uncertain 2020, we are all hoping that 2021 will bring in more positivity and prosperity in our lives. “One way to have a brighter future is by wearing gemstones that are suitable for one’s zodiac sign“, says Pankaj Khanna, founder and MD, Gem Selections, Khanna Gems Private Limited


Go for red coral in 2021. It has healing properties that will transform all the negativity of 2020 into something positive and healing in nature. These vibrations will help you grow and feel an in-built strength within yourself.


2020 was a tough year for everyone, especially Taureans, as the pandemic majorly affected the financial aspect of their lives, among other things. Wearing a diamond will help you gain wit and vision to grow and not let uncertainties drown you. The reflective nature of diamond helps in trapping the positivity and removing negativity from your life.


Emerald or panna is the gemstone for you. It will bring focus and power to your life after a rough 2020. You will be able to focus on your abilities and harness them for both, your financial and personal growth. Gemini is an active sign with overflowing energy, and the gemstone helps control and tame this excess energy by creating a controlled and better environment.


Pearl is a very soothing gemstone and is perfect to uphold the energy of a Cancerian. 2020 was a very exhaustive year for those born under this sun sign, hence wearing pearl will soothe all the disturbing elements in your lives and pave way for a better 2021.


Leo is an emotional sign, and those born under it give a lot of thought to their personal lives. Hence, wearing ruby can calm them and channelise their energy towards better and holistic thoughts. It is advisable to wear ruby in gold or copper for best outcomes.


Perfectionists and extremely particular, Virgos have had to adjust quite a lot this year. This has left them feeling disturbed and tired. Wearing emerald is great for them in 2021. It will bring mental peace in their lives and also add to the well-being of their physical and mental health.


Libra is a very creative sign and they easily feel agitated when trapped or restricted. In 2021, wearing white topaz or diamond will help them overcome mood swings due to exhaustion or restricted living and will help them be at more peace with themselves. This will ultimately lead to both personal and financial gains.


This energetic sign had to stay a lot more controlled this year. So, for a better and more prosperous 2021, people of this sun sign must wear red coral. It not just adds to inner strength and beauty but also works on premature ageing caused by overthinking and excessive work load. This gemstone brings out the brighter side of you.


This outgoing, honest and workaholic sun sign had to stay home for months. This has been a stressful year for Sagittarians and to overcome this dullness, we advise pukhraj or yellow sapphire. This gemstone helps in enhancing one’s aptitude and leads to a more problem-solving attitude towards life. This brings both personal and professional balance in life.


Sapphire is the gemstone for a Capricorn entering 2021. It will lead to enigmatic synergies and love in the life of a Capricorn which will help push the trajectory of professional growth upwards. This also helps an individual lead a balanced life with improved health.


People born under this sun sign are deep-thinkers and have mental abilities inclined towards showbiz. With 2020 being a very rough year for them, 2021 can be better with the help of gemstone sapphire, usually worn for good luck and success.


Pisces are very strongly inclined towards mental and spiritual well-being and in order to promote the same, people of this sign must wear pukhraj. This will lead to a happier life ahead for Pisces.

While ups and downs are a part of life, gemstones help you control the negative energies and streamline them in building a more positive life, said Khanna.

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