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Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?

Can You Wear White and Yellow Gold Together?

You can wear white and yellow gold together. Yellow gold tends to have a brighter glow to it compared to the duller shine of white gold. Together, they look great and pleasing to the eye as they complement each other.

White gold is an alloy combination of a percentage of pure gold with metals such as platinum, palladium, nickel, or zinc. The variation in mixture percentages is dependent upon the type or grade of gold you want to make.

Due to the natural yellow color of gold, white gold retains some yellow undertones after alloying. To lessen this effect and keep it under control, white gold pieces are coated with a rhodium layer that gives them that extra shine.

Yellow gold is combined with silver, copper that creates a layer of colored oxide that enriches the yellow hue of the gold. Metal measurements vary in regards to different formulas that make different karat grades of yellow gold.



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