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8 Secrets of Sophisticated Taste in Jewelry and Watches

8 Secrets of Sophisticated Taste in Jewelry and Watches

The accessories and jewelry represent the powerful "secret device" of every woman and can most magically change her overall look.

The accessories represent the powerful "secret device" of every woman and can most magically change her overall look. But if you don't have enough experience to buy the right accessories, it's very easy to make a mistake and ruin all the charm. There are some special rules that you should consider before purchasing a particular accessory.

Point 1: 
If you are attending a business meeting in fairly formal attire, it is advisable not to wear jewelry in the shape of hearts, constellations or tridents. Otherwise, it doesn't make a serious impression. Heart-shaped jewelry is perfect for Valentine's parties and romantic dates, but if you're spending time with other young people, the constellations are perfect.

Point 2:
Keep in mind a very important principle. If you choose sturdy jewelry with large stones, your hairstyle and makeup should be fairly simple. If you follow this simple rule, accessories will magically change your image.

Point 3:
Choose the jewelry that suits your situation and atmosphere. If you were invited to a picnic and wore the most expensive jewelry, or attended a solemn reception with wooden beads, it would be inappropriate as well. During the day it is better to wear cheap and dull stone jewelry. The best jewelry for sunlight is:
Beads of calm semi-precious stones (amber, amethyst, onyx, tiger eye, garnet) or decorative stones (coral, quartz, agate).
Pearls, including those in different shades: grey, blue, beige;
-Filigree with semi-precious stones (amethyst, garnet, topaz), enamel pegs and brooches.

Point 4:
Diamonds should be mentioned in particular. Diamonds are good for evening wear and are preferred by women in their thirties. Remember that a woman's taste does not depend on her material wealth. Your jewelry should be elegant and in harmony with your appearance, clothing and environment. In recent years, pearls and garnets have been considered to be strictly suitable for young single women (regardless of age), but diamonds are not allowed.

Point 5:
Do not wear two pieces of jewelry that are too close together. The following pairs are more preferred: earrings and bracelets, necklaces and rings, brooches and rings. Professional image makers believe that well-selected jewelry can emphasize the strength of its appearance without compromising its individuality. It is best to avoid wearing jewelry that is too bright, too shiny, or too noisy so that it does not interfere with your colleagues' faces or speaking style. It's a mistake to hide your personality outside of large, vulgar jewelry, indicating a bad taste and lack of proportions.

Point 6:
Wearing jewelry is not always a good option. This idea probably sounds strange to you, as jewelry is often sold as a set. However, jewelry manufacturers and distributors are more interested in profits than in their creative approach to the image and appearance of their customers. Wearing jewelry of the same design often results in a loss of expressiveness and exclusivity.

Point 7:
The brooch draws attention to the face and torso. If a woman does not want to show everyone that her shoulders are wide, it is best to wear a brooch near the center of her breasts. If a woman has a long face and a sharp chin, it is advisable to wear a round brooch.

Point 8:
The women's watch must also match the selected jewelry. It would be great if a woman has a watch that suits different clothing styles and jewelry. In general, watch choices should be represented by the same principles: it should match your overall look and situation. For example, if your wrist is very narrow, you don't necessarily need a big watch, even if it's a very elegant watch. Some women design their own watch collections for different occasions and styles. Not expensive enough to stop choosing high quality and elegant replica watches. The current replica watches available in the online store include the most popular names in the world of watches and fashion. High quality replica watches are almost indistinguishable from real watches and offer a great opportunity for anyone to choose a watch, whether at a business meeting or on a tennis court.

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