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Decode the symbolism concealed within the jewelry pieces you wear every day

Decode the symbolism concealed within the jewelry pieces you wear every day

Decode the symbolism concealed within the jewelry pieces you wear every day. Uncover the hidden meaning behind your jewellery

Uncover the hidden meaning behind your jewellery

Pendant, Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Necklace, Silver, Locket, Chain, Ornament, Body jewelry, Diamond,

White gold and diamond necklace, Bee Goddess

The seven-pointed star expresses a union between heaven and earth, with four points representing the solidity and abundance of earth, and three embodying celestial inspiration and perfection. This necklace will bring radiance, renewal, happiness, protection, abundance and productivity.

Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Bracelet, Body jewelry, Bangle, Necklace, Chain, Anklet, Gemstone, Circle,

Yellow gold and diamond bracelet, Annoushka

The eye is a symbol of spirit and wisdom, while the crescent moon represents power, fertility and change. This bracelet enables you to keep all of your charms in one place.

Jewellery, Ring, Fashion accessory, Engagement ring, Gemstone, Body jewelry, Opal, Platinum, Turquoise, Pre-engagement ring,

White gold, opal and diamond ring, Theo Fennell

Opal is an emotional stone, promoting both freedom and independence.

Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Silver, Diamond, Ring, Body jewelry, Metal, Gemstone, Engagement ring, Star,

Yellow gold and diamond ring, Jessica McCormack

Stars symbolise constancy and eternity; this ring will bring light in times of darkness.

Jewellery, Teal, Body jewelry, Aqua, Diamond, Gemstone, Turquoise, Metal, Earrings, Pre-engagement ring,

Aquamarine crystal earrings, Noor Fares

Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. These earrings will calm, soothe and cleanse, inspiring truth, trust and the ability to let go.


Body jewelry, Jewellery, Necklace, Fashion accessory, Pendant, Chain, Pearl, Locket, Metal,

Blue topaz necklace, Auree

The symbol of love and affection, blue topaz is said to release tension and encourage relaxation. This necklace would bring wisdom to its wearer, as well as inspiring creativity.

Fashion accessory, Ring, Jewellery, Gemstone, Engagement ring, Electric blue, Rock, Metal,

White diamond and Dumortierite ring, David Morris

Dumortierite is a stone that teaches you to stand up for yourself, helping you to take control of your own life and increase your level of patience.

Body jewelry, Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Diamond, Brooch, Ear, Metal, Silver,

White gold, yellow gold and diamond shooting-star earrings, Chanel

Seeing a shooting star is believed to signify that you will achieve your destiny; expect good fortune, positivity and a little magic in your life.

Pearl, Earrings, Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Gemstone, Silver, Silver,

Cubic zirconia and baroque pearl earrings, Apples & Figs

Stars symbolise hope – a beacon of light in the darkness – while pearls offer wisdom and protection. These earrings will bring purity, generosity, integrity and loyalty.

Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Necklace, Anklet, Chain, Bracelet, Pearl, Gemstone, Circle,

Rhodochrosite and gold charm bracelet, Missoma

Pink Rhodochrosite symbolises love, its deep pinky-red gemstone resonating with the heart to promote self-respect. This bracelet will help you love yourself as well as others.

Earrings, Jewellery, Amethyst, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Purple, Gemstone, Crystal, Triangle,

Amethyst star earrings, Theodora Warre

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing all negative influences. This precious stone should be worn to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and grief; it will help bring clarity in decision-making and guard against anxiety.

Jewellery, Necklace, Pendant, Fashion accessory, Body jewelry, Chain, Locket,

Gold and cubic zirconia gemstone necklace, Hermina Athens

Cubic zirconia resonates with the third-eye chakra, sharpening your instincts and deepening your sense of spirituality. The moon motif symbolises power, fertility and change.

Necklace, Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Circle, Body jewelry, Oval,

Moonstone choker, Cat Bird x Leith Clark

Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral that holds the energy of the moon, promoting the divine in all situations. A calming gemstone, it helps control the stress and clear the mind and senses.

Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Yellow, Body jewelry, Diamond, Ring, Gemstone, Earrings, Circle, Oval,

Diamond, mother of pearl and onyx bangle, Dior Joaillerie

Onyx is a powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy, aiding the development of emotional and physical strength. Mother of pearl brings the gently healing power of the sea, relieving stress and calming the mind.

Jewellery, Fashion accessory, Pearl, Body jewelry, Gemstone, Earrings, Ruby, Silver,

Gold, freshwater pearls and garnet ring, Anissa Kermiche,at Net-A-Porter and Liberty of London

Garnets are associated with protection, boosting strength and increasing willpower. They are also believed to have healing powers.







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